Chocolate inspired by secret love!
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Un cioccolato ispirato da un amore secreto!

Chances are you’ve had one before. I’m talking about the world famous Baci Perugina. The little, individually wrapped chocolates that each come with a little message; a message that was actually inspired by a secret love! The story starts over 100 years ago in Perugia, Italy. Once upon a time, the young chocolatier Luisa Spagnoli…

Tortellini like Venus’ bellybutton?!

Tortellini like Venus’ bellybutton?!

We’ve all heard of tortellini, and if you’re fortunate enough you’ve even tasted them. They are indeed a staple of Italian cuisine, specifically from the food valley region of Emilia Romagna, and are often enjoyed in broth (tortellini in brodo) with plenty of grated Parmigiano Reggiano. So, what does it have to do with a…