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Chocolate inspired by secret love!

Chances are you’ve had one before. I’m talking about the world famous Baci Perugina. The little, individually wrapped chocolates that each come with a little message; a message that was actually inspired by a secret love!

The story starts over 100 years ago in Perugia, Italy. Once upon a time, the young chocolatier Luisa Spagnoli fell in love with one of the founders of the Perugina company: Giovanni Buitoni. The only “problem” is that the other founder of the company was Luisa’s husband!

According to this legend, Luisa would send romantic notes wrapped around chocolates to Giovanni for his inspection. Inspired by their secret love, they started to make bite sized chocolates. Nowadays, each Bacio (which means “kiss” in Italian), comes with a secret love message and is covered with silky chocolate with finely chopped hazelnuts inside.

Sadly, Luisa wouldn’t live to see the global success of the Baci Perugina because she dies in 1935. However, her entrepreneurship will live on as she is considered one of Italy’s most successful businesswomen not only for the Baci Perugina, but also for her women’s clothing line which still bears her name today.

Baci Perugina chocolates were inspired by secret love!

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  1. Wow I did not know that Bacio Chocolates had a love message inside❤️ That’s a great love story behind these delicious chocolates. I have had them they a very good😋🇮🇹❤️

  2. Wow, kind of feel bad for the husband 😂 but cool story about a sweet so many people enjoy!

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