MULTIPACK of 8 Panettone “Cuore Orzo” 1KG (35.2 OZ)


Artisan sourdough Panettone Made With Toasted Barley and Chocolate Chunks.

The dedication towards his craft is unmistakeable, Davide still personally overseas the bakery’s MOTHER YEAST (lievito madre) which is the traditional sourdough yeast that makes each and every Panettone and Colomba that much more special as it is still produced in the traditional , artisan way.

All of their panettone and colombe are still rigorously made according to artisan traditions including a 72 hour proof time, a natural yeast, all natural ingredients, local ground flour and controlled low temperature rising that makes for an incredibly soft, flavourful, rich dough that is unlike anything on the market.

In 1959 the Panificio Fantuzzi set up their workshop in the small town of Villa Aiola where it is still headquartered and run by third generation Master Baker Davide Fantuzzi. Davide is an Award Winning baker and considered one of Italy’s foremost Panettone and Colombe artisans having won the prestigious BAKERY 3.0 Awards for «Italy’s Best Panettone» two years in a row. 

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Artisan sourdough Panettone Made With Toasted Barley and Chocolate Chunks

Not too sweet, this moist, soft sourdough Panettone is given a completely new and refined taste thanks to the toasted barley that accompanies the chocolate chunks.  Perfectly paired with espresso or simply a glass of milk, this Panettone offers a tasting experience that is fragrant yet delicate.  Leavened for 72  HOURS , a love for all things delicious combined with a deep respect for ancient traditions lead to the development of this perfect combination of toasted barley and chocolate.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 21 in
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1 kg (35.2 OZ)

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6 months – Please refer to expiration date on individual pack.

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